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Перевод: jade speek jade

жадеитовый; гагатовый; нефритовый;
кляча ; шлюха [сл.] ; негодница ; ведьма ; жадеит ; нефрит [мин.] ; желтовато-зеленый цвет;
заездить; изнурить; измучить; измучиться; превратиться в клячу


  1. Highlights: the atmosphere of Twilight , the trio's cohesion in House of Jade and de Wilde's rapid virtuoso fingerwork on Four in One (even though the ghost of Monk might shudder at the plethora of notes and the lack of significant spaces).
  2. The commodity might have been hides, jade, tobacco, salt or precious metals, so long as it was accepted as a means of discharging obligations.
  3. The portrait over the marble and jade chimney piece is of the Queen's mother, the Duchess of Teck, painted by F. O. Salisbury, and the only other picture in the room is a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots by Gerald Kelly.
  4. We painted timber crossbeams pale jade green to echo the verdigris colour of the metal furniture, which matched the green glazed pots.
  5. The walls were a collage of tens of thousands of reptile skulls carved in gloomy green jade and malachite, as if this place was a saurian necropolis.
  6. The Jade Griffon is a huge piece of carved jade that hangs upon the Grand Theogonist's chest like a piece of armour.
  7. Authoritative sources have revealed that his daughter Miss Jade Jagger is some four months away from her confinement.
  8. Unless the Grand Theogonist is killed outright the Jade Griffon will enable him to sustain wounds which would kill an ordinary man.
  9. As the army advances he wields the magic Staff of Command, striking down his foes with devastating spells while the Jade Griffon allows him to survive wounds that would kill a lesser man.
  10. She sat and rocked him for a while until he felt all right again and then went upstairs and dressed herself in a low-backed, jade green jumpsuit and gold pumps and gold hoop ear-rings, and felt exotic.
  11. If these are not the product of a Piltdown-type hoax, then either there must have been a source of jade somewhere in Europe or else the axes must have been brought an unimaginable distance from the Far East, a journey comparable in its way to that of the monoliths of Stonehenge.
  12. Jade Li from the Medical Research Council's Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) at Cambridge, together with Joe Carroll and David Ellar of Cambridge University's biochemistry department, employed papain to cleave the protoxin and crystallised the active protein (the specific beetle toxin CryIIIA from the tenebrionis subspecies of Bt) for X-ray analysis.
  13. As for li , it is pattern, structure, order; the concrete uses of the word are for veins in jade and the grain of wood.

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