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Перевод: jag speek jag

острый выступ; зубец ; острая вершина; зазубрина ; дыра ; прореха ; небольшой воз; выпивка ; попойка ;
зазубрить; делать зазубрины; выщерблять; вырез`ать зубцами; кромсать; порвать


  1. "I don't know what it is about the "68 but as a Fender Jag it's got a real thin sound.
  2. Replacing the fuel pump with an electric pump such as a Facet as used on the Range Rover or SU as used on Jag XJ6 6 cylinder Land Rover and other vehicles will cure this annoying fault Route the pipes well away from sources of heat such as the exhaust and cooling systems
  3. In fact the Jag is just about the only one that can really wipe the smiles off their drivers' faces, unless you're talking Rolls-Royce or Bentley.
  4. Anyway, David used to travel in Ralph's Mark 10 Jag to any gigs and never used to put any of the gear away when we'd done our work, whereas before he used to.
  5. Back in society five decades on, Lilian joined (or perhaps led) Harriet in another such break-out, involving the trashing of a Jag and a hotel.
  6. It's the same late '60s Jag and the same Twin that he had in 1980 when The Birthday Party first broke.
  7. Incidentally, the Treasury said that the Chancellor had not lost his Jag as well as Dorneywood, his country home.
  8. God knows how it happened, there wasn't another thing on the road, but the Jag overturned and caught fire.
  9. Green light for Jag's new E-type
  10. Jag at bay Sweden's Per Eklund ran out of time yesterday after gearbox and electrical problems in his Landseer.
  11. "Well it's not particularly well looked after," he agrees, giving the Jag a rough old shake to illustrate his point.
  12. He signed the deal in February, persuaded Morgan Grenfell to let him buy the company Jag and left the City to become a mini-captain of industry.
  13. Dragging himself through the daily routine which gets him into his beige-toned synthetic fibres and out of his neo-neo house, he roars off in his Jag (number plate, VIC 100), fag in mouth, Carly Simon on cassette, ready to take on the world.

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