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Перевод: jagged speek jagged

зазубренный; пьяный; зубчатый; неровно оторванный


  1. The lambing had begun and the sheep's tousled fleece had been shorn to a jagged grey stubble.
  2. She watched as the jagged tears in the sky mended, cobbling themselves together in a uniform grey.
  3. The poems relate the Front's sulphurous claustrophobia and hellish din, in language that is often stark, jerky, sensuous: "Guns in action! /Spitting a tawny phlegm/Lightning's jagged tongue stinging the air."
  4. Gilly's voice was sharp like the jagged edge of a tin-can top.
  5. At one corner, a large chunk had been knocked out completely, leaving a nasty, jagged edge.
  6. He also studies various duff keyboards (Jagged Edge) meets Ms Bracco for frenzied sex at dead of tropical night (Body Heat).
  7. In front of him was a mound of concrete blocks, dust, jagged glass and twisted metal.
  8. When glass shatters it leaves jagged edges.
  9. Sam had a sudden vision of a piece of paper scissored across with jagged strokes."
  10. Jagged Edge , Betrayed and Music Box are all about characters whose loved ones may or may not be slimeball murderers.
  11. All through the night it continued, and all through the night thunder boomed and lightning ripped across the sky in jagged white flashes.
  12. Breaking the top of the bend will leave a jagged projection to gently chisel out, after plugging the soil pipe with paper or rag, to prevent particles going down the pipe and possibly blocking the drain.
  13. The high jagged north coast of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset rises to meet pounding surf and gales.

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