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  1. GENERAL MOTORS of the US may build new facilities in the UK to support a major increase in Jaguar production as part of its plan to take a 30 per cent stake in the luxury car maker.
  2. View from City Road: Jaguar stretched to its limit
  3. He had the Jaguar prize firmly in his sights when opting for a steady clear round in Tuesday night's Rover Classic, instead of attempting a time which might have made it more difficult for Nick Skelton to win on Burmah Serenade.
  4. If he wins tomorrow's Grand Prix, he will be rewarded with a Jaguar car.
  5. MR JOHN Heddle, the MP for Mid-Staffordshire who was found dead in his fume-filled Jaguar on Tuesday, had a history of depression, a Canterbury inquest was told yesterday.
  6. However, it is thought unlikely that Jaguar would ask the Government for the limit to be raised early in order to allow its preferred partner to build a stake of more than 15 per cent before January, 1991.
  7. Jaguar had a a hectic session, with one market maker briefly quoting 1,200p after seemingly misunderstanding a transatlantic message.
  8. GM may build plant for Jaguar
  9. With Jaguar revealing more misery in the US where September sales were down 19.1 per cent year on the year, the company needs the takeover interest to keep its share price alive.
  10. Reliable sources have confirmed that GM is "leading the pack" of international car companies with which Jaguar is in discussions.
  11. DALGETY, Delta and Jaguar were among the shares to march ahead yesterday as the stock market continued to fret and fuss about today's West German interest rate decision.
  12. LUCAS Industries has secured further business from Jaguar for wiring assemblies for its XJ6 model.
  13. Jaguar's classy convertibles start at 41,200, albeit with V12 power.

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