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Перевод: jail speek jail

тюрьма ; тюремное заключение;
заключать в тюрьму; сажать в тюрьму


  1. THE father of Princess Stephanie of Monaco's newborn baby was yesterday given a 15-day suspended jail sentence for beating up a motorist.
  2. But he did not go to jail and the story melted into the general horror that was Vietnam.
  3. Confession is the strategy which minimises the maximum jail sentence the prisoner can receive, and this minimax strategy is the best one, even though it ensures that the prisoner cannot receive the lowest sentence allowed by the "game", the one year for a lesser offence.
  4. The tension increased further on 16 November when the IDA issued a warning that those picketing the dump could face jail for defying the High Court injunction.
  5. RIGHT-THINKING PEOPLE have been angered and shamed by the manner in which our unimaginative leaders bundled that wretched and ill-done-by Papusoiu onto a plane at Heathrow airport bound for a cruel Romanian jail, and have voiced their disgust.
  6. From July 1916 a system of alternative service was introduced, enabling objectors to choose civilian work under Home Office control instead of going to jail.
  7. Then the judge suspended the sentence, placing him on probation for two years but with the first sixty days to be spent in Los Angeles County Jail.
  8. He was duly cited for contempt, received a thirty-day sentence to jail and a fine, which were quashed two years later on appeal.
  9. "I was in jail, Mrs Wilson."
  10. Her eighteen-month jail sentence was reduced on appeal - but not before she had been in prison for six months.)
  11. The writer of the old guide book whence I gleaned this misinformation had unknowingly quoted a fragment of folklore older than Roscommon Town and its jail.
  12. After pleading guilty to stealing 1m from his clients he may go to jail.
  13. Tagging "first step to community jail"

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