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  1. But Mum goes on about that wretched place as though he was chief jailer at Broadmoor.
  2. Bear in mind that when you remove the ferret you are, in effect, taking away the rabbit's jailer.
  3. Dreadlock Doom the jailer had discovered the loss of his prisoners and, cursing horribly, was running back to Mutton House.
  4. "And none o' them knows the secret o' the tunnel," thought Aunt Clarabel happily as she led her followers back to the Jolly Jailer and handed out free drinks to all.
  5. for moments later the Mayor, the Parson and the Clerk, along with Jake and his gang, the jailer and the Colonel (whose Dragoons had been dismissed), all came stumbling into the churchyard.
  6. "Every one of us preys upon his neighbour, and yet we herd together," says Lockit, the Newgate jailer, and Caird's production memorably suggests the huddled, vicious humanity of London low-life.
  7. His confinement was not over-rigorous, as "the worthy jailer Smith" took him out for a walk while he was there; and by 30th August he was back at home in Ambleside, having found Anne and the children as well as he could expect.
  8. Jailer Master Dreadlock Doom.
  9. "Only because you're always fussing around me like a fucking jailer "
  10. As Tom hustled Pugwash and the pirates away, she ran back to the Jolly Jailer.
  11. The Jolly Jailer was filled with merry customers, drinking, laughing and shouting.
  12. Even Parson Slype and Doom the jailer laughed.
  13. Captain Pugwash, the Mate, Barnabas and Willy, hands held high and heads low, were being escorted by guards and jailer towards the Baddie's Tower.

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