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Перевод: jalopy speek jalopy

полуразвалившийся ветхий автомобиль; драндулет ; консервная банка


  1. Before lining up for the first race of the season it's off to the now-standard bits-and-bobs shop, where you can spend up to 100,000 upgrading your jalopy.
  2. Behind the hen-house the jalopy is snookered:
  3. Bewildered and hurt at her lack of interest, too shy to ask what the trouble was, he had gone back to the garage completely mystified, and had spent the rest of the evening painting his jalopy electric blue.
  4. Mrs Stych could many times have wept with humiliation when Donna hastened to tell her of yet another minor car accident in which his ancient jalopy had been involved, yet another girl with whom he had once been seen who was "in trouble".
  5. "Mebbe his father got worried about him driving that old jalopy - it weren't safe.
  6. "Traded in his jalopy, put a thousand down and the rest over six months."
  7. What did he do, other than ride around in his jalopy and sometimes help out in the supermarket?

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