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Перевод: jalousie speek jalousie

жалюзи ; ставни ; шторы


  1. Its title in French, La Jalousie , means both jealousy and window shutter or blind; so from the outset the reader is taken into a maze of contending meanings.
  2. Even La Jalousie , which had become assimilated into the "great tradition" of the French psychological novel, could be described as an exercise in serial composition, as its author himself would claim.
  3. Then, gripping it, he passed through the rustle of the reed jalousie hanging in the doorway into the small interior, where Sycorax lay on her side, collapsed on the beaten earth like a child's poppet made from plaited grass, with Ariel on her haunches beside her, head sunk on her knees, a fan fallen to the ground beside her.
  4. In La Jalousie (1957), the disjointed chronology, the use of the present tense, the repetition of scenes, the recurrence of certain details - features which initially perplex readers - become explicable if an identifiable narrator is postulated.
  5. La jalousie taciturne (Pieces de clavecin, book 3, 1722), in this notation, is unambiguously marked "Lentement et mesure".
  6. He argued that, in each of Robbe-Grillet's first three novels, the narrative discourse is focalized around the consciousness of the central protagonist, so the recurrent objects (the rubber in Les Gommes , the cord in Le Voyeur , the centipede in La Jalousie ) connote some sexual or criminal obsession and the presence of an interiority.

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