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Перевод: jam speek jam

сжатие; сжимание; защемление; давка ; толчея ; загромождение; затруднительное положение; неловкое положение; заедание; перебои ; остановка ; помеха при приеме и передаче; варенье; джем ; повидло; замятие бумаги;
прищемить; сжимать; зажимать; защемлять; прищемлять; жать (сжимать); загромождать; запруживать; набивать битком; набиваться битком; впихивать; втискивать; заклиниваться; заклинить; заедать [тех.]; застревать; останавливать; останавливаться; искажать передачу; мешать работе другой станции; глушить; давить; импровизировать


  1. "Six spoonfuls of strawberry jam before you go out the harbour.
  2. Serve sliced, with jam and fresh coffee, or with a well-chilled dessert wine.
  3. Along with a dining room full of others, I have been accused of stealing an extra jam sponge in Yorkshire ("There's bin someone 'ere 'as 'ad more'n one pudding, and I shan't rest till I find out 'oo").
  4. Soul for them was a form of exertion; performance that Barney Hoskyns called (in reference to The Jam, as it happens) "a gymnasium of exhortation".
  5. So, for example, a preservative may be used in fruit which is used to make jam.
  6. Breakfast Oat bran cereal with skimmed milk, wholemeal toast, low-fat spread and jam.
  7. The orchard was a sight to see when the trestles were set out (for I could put all ready with no fear of rain on such a day) with the mugs and platters of many colours, and the brown quartern loaves, and the big pats of butter stamped with a swan, and the slabs of honey-comb dough cakes, gingerbread, cheese, jam and jelly, let alone the ham at one end of each trestle and the round of beef at the other.
  8. For breakfast, suitable food might include toast in small squares or fingers (already spread with butter or jam or honey, if necessary), cereals in large chunks, and banana pieces.
  9. GOODBYE MINI RAMP dannz's romp jam
  10. When Perdita last saw her as Victor's bimbo in 1981, Sharon's hair had been dyed the colour of strawberry jam, her splendid breasts had floated like beachballs out of her skin-tight polyester dress and her six-inch spike heels must have terrorized any lurking moles as she tripped on to the Rutshire pitch at treading-in time.
  11. Jam, including "no added sugar" jam
  12. One system could jam another, even if the address codes did not match.
  13. This Christian Socialist, dedicated to equal shares and to soaking the rich (who included his own family), was accepted and frostily admired as an incorruptible thorn in the nation's conscience, forever reminding them that there was no jam today and they could only expect some tomorrow if they had earned it.

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