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Перевод: Jamaican speek Jamaican

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  1. Tuff Gong's premises were once Federal, owned by Ken Khouri and Edward Seaga, the latter later to become Jamaican Premier and holder of one of Bob's hands on the Peace Concert stage.
  2. A UN official was shot but there was no news of the victim, believed to be a Jamaican.
  3. There she faced the challenge of developing a new form based on the realities around her and through her caring spirit and love in serving others, encouraged around her a vibrant movement, ensuring her the title of Mother of Jamaican Art.
  4. The former shot himself in 1800 after the disastrous breakdown of his marriage to Elizabeth Vassall, the daughter of a Jamaican planter whose wealth had done so much to preserve Webster ambitions.
  5. In EastEnders they're still saying "Oh, here's that nice Jamaican bloke here's the yobbo with the short hair""
  6. The most famous Jamaican coffee, Blue Mountain, is grown high in very small quantities.
  7. It must have been awful to be separated from her children, as she and many other Jamaican mothers were.
  8. Comparing the show scene with that in Barbados, I would say that the fact that there was an established breed club that held its own breed show with specialist judges made all the difference, Barbadian entries being quite small in comparison to the Jamaican ones.
  9. People say, for instance, that it's more acceptable in Jamaican cultures for the women to be fatter.
  10. Soon after this, his name was put forward for the Jamaican Senate and he became a member, but although he attended regularly it was not something he took to.
  11. That's why a lot of skins argue that the only "authentic" music is the original Jamaican ska and rocksteady of the early to mid 60's.
  12. Una Marson, the Jamaican poet, had worked with Orwell, and was well known to West Indian listeners.
  13. JAMAICAN umpire Steve Bucknor changed his attitude to trial by television on the second day of the second cricket Test between India and South Africa in Johannesburg yesterday.

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