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Перевод: jamb speek jamb

косяк двери ; наличник ; боковые стенки камина; подставка ; подпорка ; упор ; ножные латы; массив пустой породы, пересекающий жилу полезного ископаемого


  1. Kirov waited patiently for several minutes before the door created open and Zhukov's bearded face peered round the jamb.
  2. Her nightdress was decently covered by a red dressing-gown, but her face was drawn with pain and she swayed dizzily against the door jamb.
  3. Anna leaned weakly against the varnished door jamb.
  4. Fit tight against the jamb.
  5. A flurry of bangs hit the door and before Allan Stewart could shoot back the bolt gun-butts had burst through the timbers, the bolt and its socket tore the jamb away, and soldiers in blue coats and white breeches were stepping in across the wreckage.
  6. This was held in place by a groove in the bottom of the door jamb which projected slightly for the purpose.
  7. Holly kicked the snow from his shoes against the jamb of the door and climbed the few steps into Hut 2.
  8. Ensure that the legs of the bottom rail both engage in the sill grooves, and that the panel is tight against the jamb.
  9. Anne tried to get her fingers into the jamb, but could not.
  10. "God, Sister," he poked his head around the jamb of the door, "That Arty fellow is acting terrible strange.
  11. On the side which will hold the fixed panel, apply a thick bead of mastic around the inside of the jamb recesses, and up the joint with the jamb.
  12. It was screwed to the jamb of a doorway that gave access to the premises of Henson Burbidge, Fat and Bone Dealers.

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