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Перевод: jamming

затор ; пробка ; заедание; защемление; заклинивание; зажимание; глушение радиопередачи; взаимные помехи радиостанций при приеме


  1. I tried using some spray furniture polish, rubbed well in, on the areas that were jamming.
  2. I looked in the direction he was pointing - Roman villa, vestal virgins' tent, WI stalls with Aunt Bedelia and Mrs Cartwright frantically buttering and jamming home-made scones, street theatre, Punch and Judy, and there's old Jeremiah just passing the jazz band with his fingers in his ears.
  3. Bomber Command's losses reached 5 per raid before the introduction of a radar jamming device known as "window", the code name for strips of aluminium foil which the crews jettisoned from their aircraft when over Germany to confuse the night fighters.
  4. Nothing daunted, the reactor personnel managed to get an extra pump working by the space-age technique of forcing open a valve and jamming it with a steel plate, though this had the distinct disadvantage of immobilising all of the other safety systems.
  5. The repeated frustration of his attempts to introduce changes led to an impassioned plea in the Sunday Express for more freedom of action at club level: "I appeal to the authorities to release the brake which they seem to delight in jamming on new ideas as if wisdom is only to be found in the council chamber
  6. A financial district was mushrooming, a proposed underground was years away from service and every rush hour saw a rising tide of cars jamming the roads.
  7. It's me!" before jamming the wig back on.
  8. The magazine Jamming saw the band wipe the floor with all opposition in all categories outside the female sections.
  9. Whether they are jamming the bustling streets of Kowloon, elbowing their way on to ancient trams or leaping about on the terraces at the races, Hong Kong people are enthusiasts.
  10. Catriona's brain was jamming.
  11. Prime Minister Baldwin keeping in hourly touch with events telephone calls enquiring about friends and relatives jamming all local switchboards medical and other assistance on its way the Army already there (this raised a cheer from the lance-corporal) specialized equipment being mobilized, equipment necessary for the enormous clear up that will have to take place"
  12. The commonest problem with central heating pumps is jamming, either after a period when the pump has not been used, or due to sludge in the system clogging the impeller.
  13. She dried the udder and pulled the three-legged stool across, jamming the first bucket between her knees as she sat down, so that Florence could not kick it over.

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