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Перевод: Jane

[имя собственное]


  1. Clive's favourite, perfectly serious, leitmotif was: "We're a top team, aren't we!" until Jane felt she'd scream if he said it once more, and ordered breakfast in her room so as to avoid him first thing in the morning, at least.
  2. "He gave me that book only this morning - Jane's Fighting Ships .
  3. FUNDRAISING PROMOTIONS Insert: Special Events Fundraiser Jane Marsh CORPORATE FUNDRAISING Corporate Campaign Asst Insert: Norah Shortland
  4. Jane Dalgliesh had bought Larksoken Mill five years earlier when she had moved from her previous home on the Suffolk coast.
  5. Jane continued her career - if you can dignify it with such a name - on Vogue , where the personnel manager fiercely shot at her the rhetorical question: "You've got a private income, of course ?"
  6. As Jane Gallop puts it:
  7. The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon who travelled in an aircraft of The Queen's Flight, was attended by Mrs Jane Stevens.
  8. Good though they are, the recipes are not central to the value of this book in the way they are to Jane Grigson's fruit book.
  9. Jane Foreman, Product Manager at Rexel told us, "In the years before 1960, traditional artists" pigments were often natural minerals, some of which were compounds of heavy metals.
  10. Jane Brown is the latest to emerge triumphant from the RIBA library in Portman Square with The Art and Architecture of English Gardens (Weidenfeld Nicolson, 40).
  11. Jane had forgotten that the French have no connection with India and are therefore unacquainted.
  12. After this chronological march through the archives, Jane Brown devotes the second part of her weighty book to the delightfully rich seam of garden buildings and ornament designed over the last 400 years.
  13. Desma Hagan, who has a 10-year-old son with special educational needs and a six-year-old daughter at Lady Jane Grey, said: "It is a really very good school.

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