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Перевод: jangle speek jangle

резкий звук; гул ; гам ; слитный шум голосов; нестройный звон колоколов; пререкания ;
издавать резкие звуки; издавать нестройные звуки; нестройно звучать; шуметь; шумно говорить; резко говорить; шумно спорить


  1. Rick Batey examines some potentially cut-price fares to the world of jangle
  2. By some mysterious alchemy it seems possible to drink two or more cups of the mellow cappuccino or caffe crema without suffering the jangle of caffeine overload.
  3. I must say this wasn't a problem for anyone here and I would hope that moving the string ferrule doesn't affect the brightness or jangle factor overmuch.
  4. The G and D strings, however, are left unfettered and the G in particular suffers from break-angle jangle as a result.
  6. When you plug in a Ricky you expect certain things - not too much power but tons of friendly jangle and loads of character.
  7. There are some production hiccups that still need sorting and the setup should be better, but it's generally well-built, highly individual to look at and I'd recommend it to anybody just for the wonderful mixture of filth, jangle and clang that the pickups provide.
  8. Rooms jangle after rows and no one could argue like me and Martin!
  9. A good 12-string should jangle when chords are played, with the octave strings sounding almost as strong as the main ones when picked.
  10. At the jangle of the bell they heard footsteps from the passage leading to the dark-room, then Rivington pulled the curtain aside.
  11. The wartime commentator's jingoistic jangle was this time replaced by a solemn voice, and we were confronted with pictures of moving skeletons, some of them smiling weakly and making slow gestures.
  12. That's real history that is, words that are vanishing daily, fewer and fewer people learning them, all full of Dallas and Dynasty and the Beatles jingle jangle."
  13. The script cut from psychiatry to politics to history to Euro-moralising with dizzy speed; film-clip collages of Hitler saluting, Hess (or not-Hess) in the mortuary, hamburger ads, crumbling buildings, a screaming man in seventeenth-century dress, and the widow miming Hess's improbable suicide all chimed in an unholy jangle with the events on stage.

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