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Перевод: janitor speek janitor

привратник ; швейцар ; вахтер ; уборщик ; сторож ; дворник


  1. In cast-off janitor's overalls, who may
  2. Well the classrooms were kept clean because the school finished at er twenty past four and half past four the janitor had the cleaners, you see?
  3. It was Aziz the janitor's friend from the pub.
  4. Little Big Man , in contrast, is rather like documenting the US space programme by following the janitor in the NASA HQ
  5. While at the University of Chicago (where he met Ulu Grosbard), he made his living as a night janitor, hotel desk clerk and delivery truck driver.
  6. A copy of a letter from Councillor Fraser to the Director of Education requesting replacement of the boundary fencing to the east of the school janitor "s house.
  7. He is usually depicted with a bunch of keys - hence our word "janitor" - and extremists of his cult called him Janus Quadrifrons (Four Heads) believing he also controlled the four seasons.
  8. Another miscellaneous group of 14 were in low-paid service jobs (janitor, lodge-keeper, waiter, picture-house attendant).
  9. The modern janitor is given that title for having the keys to all doors in a building.
  10. The second novel by NSS contributor D J Taylor, Real Life , features a pornographer called Morty Kronenburg, producer of such films as Girlschool Janitor and Spank Academy .
  11. Mr Malik had given him a job as a janitor.
  12. Incredibly, Johnson turns up working as a janitor dusting his broom in Ilford, Essex.
  13. In some schools the janitor was responsible for drill, although by the enlightened year of 1937 this was being phased out together with the use of wooden rifles.

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