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Перевод: jargon speek jargon

жаргон ; непонятный язык; тарабарщина ; разновидность циркония


  1. The jargon word for this is synergy.
  3. You don't want any high-falutin' jargon, he assured me; no arty-farty chatter, no nancy-boy poetry: just spiffing yarns by jolly fellows who can crack a joke and spin a tale.
  4. So when is jargon bad?
  5. This fusion was reflected in their unique ability to communicate in both the sign language of the Plains tribes, and the Chinook trade jargon of the coastal peoples.
  6. Couple this with a quality assessment system which is riddled with jargon and technical description and the caterer has a hard time deciding what he or she is going to buy and from which company.
  7. The appendix on useful verbs should come in handy for those not up on adventure jargon, but be careful with the address section - a lot of them are now out of date so be prepared for some lack of response in some cases.
  8. It is protected from public scrutiny by the technicality of its jargon.
  9. Her father and mother were sitting tensely on the sofa, Omi at the table, upright, disdain on her fine features, Bodo, huge against the wall, and all of them staring at the stubby, shabby, ash-stained figure of Marx, blinking through his red eyes at the document and reading aloud in an artificially solemn voice, practised in legal jargon and with which he, no doubt, had read out a hundred, a thousand, such documents.
  10. As for the Lost Boys, they were cast from a politically correct mix of ethnic groups and blimp shapes, and zipped around in funky MTV gear and Mohican hair-dos, spouting street jargon.
  11. I wasn't going to let her think I didn't know the jargon.
  12. Teachers spend their breaks preparing lesson plans, and their evenings swotting up on jargon.
  13. Or, as the characters would probably say, this being a series infatuated with villainous jargon, "You've bin telling porkies, PC - and in my manor we're strictly kosher".

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