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  1. Jasmine was perfectly serene!
  2. Swathes of jasmine, loose from a prolifically flowering specimen on the edge of the house, occasionally fell over their railing, with their sweet scent, before Mrs Irving, clothed in her gardening gear of wellingtons and apron over the seated and threadbare tweed suit in which she had first enticed them in, came and bound these back.
  3. An Albertine rose grew splendidly over one end of the house, and winter jasmine starred the front porch in the cold of the year.
  4. Yet even as these studies were being published, major enquiries into child care scandals, such as those on the deaths of Jasmine Beckford, (London Borough of Brent, 1985), Tyra Henry, (London Borough of Lambeth, 1987) and Kimberley Carlile (London Borough of Greenwich, 1987) continued to criticize social workers for not being sufficiently quick and firm in their interventions to protect children.
  5. When Jasmine saw that the blue saddlecloth was to be placed on her back, she became panic-stricken, broke free of her moorings, and scattered people and equipment far and wide!
  6. A selection of teas and coffees; the large cafetire on the right contains jasmine tea
  7. Perhaps the strongest statements to this effect can be found in the report relating to Jasmine Beckford's death: "We are strongly of the view that social work can in fact be defined only in terms of the functions required of it by their employing agency operating within a statutory framework" (London Borough of Brent, 1985, p. 12).
  8. To these savoury Thai ingredients I would add just one other - mali or jasmine essence - to use in rice puddings, in custards or simply in whipped cream for raspberries or strawberries.
  9. Just to make sure that the change in colour of the saddlecloth was what had triggered Jasmine's fear, the blue one was tried again a few days later; but once again Jasmine was afraid.
  10. And so saying she led the way on to the terrace with its beautiful scents of honeysuckle, rose and jasmine.
  11. Captain Quick brought a Mangifera , mango, and Nycanthes , Arabian jasmine, from India and both flourished at Chelsea.
  12. This method is used to capture the fragrances of flowers such as jasmine, tuberose and neroli (orange blossom) whose exquisite fragrances would be spoiled by the intense heat of distillation.
  13. These were not John's only ballet designs; the press announcement of a performance given by the Eoan Group in March 1946 mentioned that the programme would include " The Circus , to music by Supp, costumes by John Cranko and choreography by Pamela Chrimes (two Cape Town dancers as present seeking fame and fortune overseas) and Walpurgis Night to music by Moussorgsky, costumes by John Cranko and choreography by Jasmine Honor."

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