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Перевод: jaundice speek jaundice

желтуха ; иктерус ; желчность ; разлитие желчи; предвзятость ; зависть ; ревность ; недоброжелательство;
вызывать зависть; вызывать разлитие желчи; вызывать ревность


  1. The condition is characterised between crises by a chronic haemolytic state with jaundice and a relatively constant haemoglobin level of 7-;8g/dl.
  2. Mig in hospital with horrible jaundice, me in the next room with suspected typhoid - but it wasn't!
  3. The latest medical theories suggest that Mozart's last illness had its roots in the various serious infections he had suffered as a child: on the early trip to Paris and London he had contracted rheumatic fever, tonsillitis. and typhoid fever; in 1167 he had caught smallpox; and in Italy he seems to have had bronchitis and yellow jaundice.
  4. The massive amount of blood that had been dripped into his veins brought its legacy of jaundice, followed by a seemingly endless skin irritation, something akin to prickly heat.
  5. Very small, but no signs of jaundice and breathing normally, thanks be to God.
  6. Four had no signs of hepatic decompensation (ascites, jaundice, encephalopathy, or variceal bleeding) before treatment.
  7. Jaundice.
  8. Suntanned now, he no longer looked as though he was dying of jaundice.
  9. Severe cases may cause temporary jaundice.
  10. The baby, born with jaundice, had an eye infection.
  11. Adam, who weighed less than 2lb at birth, survived septicaemia, jaundice and hernia surgery.
  12. Before he left, his brother Frank died very young, of a liver complaint after jaundice (19 January 1930).
  13. Signs of jaundice - yellow eyes or skin, dark urine and there may be light coloured stools.

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