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Перевод: jaundiced speek jaundiced

больной желтухой; пораженный желтухой; желтого цвета; желтый; желчный; завистливый


  1. Standing apart from these films is Lindsay Anderson's feature dbut, This Sporting Life (1963), where the director's jaundiced view of the world seeps into every frame of the film.
  2. The justification for such bare-faced cheek is in the recorded sound, which even the most jaundiced critic would have to admit is strikingly vivid for its age, the piano sound clear and articulate, and the orchestral detail as immediate as the day it was recorded - perhaps even more so - with just a tiny hint of brassiness and a slight shortfall of orchestral power to give the game away.
  3. In man and horse, without treatment the offspring becomes jaundiced and sometimes dies.
  4. Ever the rather jaundiced, eccentric Brit, Ian Dury (right) made his own rather tawdry statement with this extraordinary dental motif.
  5. The jaundiced eye sees not black and white but yellow and grey.
  6. Even such a jaundiced eye as that of the Austrian Ambassador, accustomed to the rigid etiquette which prevailed at Vienna, was charmed.
  7. Letter: Coleman's jaundiced eye at the UN
  8. At birth babies who have been jaundiced, premature or have had certain antibiotic therapies - to list just a few instances - should also be screened for impaired hearing.
  9. I had "flu" at the time, and perhaps that made me rather jaundiced.
  10. He was also jaundiced and so had to wear a hood to protect his eyes and lie naked under a constant bright light.
  11. "Institutions have a jaundiced view of hotel property.
  12. "Jaundiced?
  13. Perhaps my slightly jaundiced view stems from the fact that I was expecting that a book based on a workshop on the physical and neuropsychological basis of music would contain some physics, or at the very least some reasonably quantitative science rather than somewhat vague speculations.

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