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Перевод: jaunt speek jaunt

прогулка ; увеселительная прогулка; увеселительная поездка;
предпринимать увеселительную прогулку; предпринимать увеселительную поездку


  1. One typically frenetic four-day jaunt took him to Pontresino in the Alps to find Eritrichium nanum , "King of the Alps" (on the way home Evan's chauffeur, the Snowdonia Park Head Warden John Ellis Reports, had to navigate by road-signs and instinct, Evan having filled the road atlas with pressed flower-heads of more common species).
  2. Both men were sceptical about ghosts and the supernatural and their jaunt in suitably foggy conditions was aimed at returning to their friends who believed the stories and good-humouredly disprove them.
  3. This is not supposed to be a travelogue, and I can see from your faces that you want a little more than a cheery jaunt
  4. But his attitude was positive as he returned to Obergurgl for the first time in years for our jaunt.
  5. Here she continues: "A Mr. Lewis, an historic painter from London, come for a few weeks on a jaunt of pleasure, played on the piano for us.
  6. Me and Phil, the roadie, even went on this midnight jaunt from Manchester to Guildford to try to steal the master tapes of the LP.
  7. Does he really think it's a "self-indulgent jaunt" to represent one's country in a sport that demands total commitment, courage and the highest levels of piloting skill?
  8. It wouldn't do him any harm to take this ungoverned creature for a short jaunt in the fields and the experience would give him a splendid ascendancy over Inspector Burden when he walked into the station at nine-thirty.
  9. Enter Midlands skipper Dean Richards, who misses the Lanzarote jaunt because of work.
  10. DEFINITE END-of-the beginning vibes for Heavenly, as one of our more maverick and thus of-the-moment labels made the now customary jaunt to the Locomotive for a night that proved that to make any inroads into the popular imagination, you must first step aside from the scene-steeped mainstream.
  11. Having returned from his transatlantic jaunt to Peru, singer Lee Mavers leads THE LA's on their biggest UK tour yet, to promote their current Go!
  12. Moving along a dockside with its crane-tracks, bollards, and railway lines is no jaunt in daylight; at night the going can be grim.
  13. Poor old Beatrice began by wanting to show how self-denying and supportive Ellen Ash was and she messed around looking up every recipe for gooseberry jam and every jaunt to Broadstairs for twenty-five years , can you believe it, and woke up to find that no one wanted self-denial and dedication any more, they wanted proof that Ellen was raging with rebellion and pain and untapped talent.

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