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Перевод: jaunty speek jaunty

веселый; бойкий; беспечный; самодовольный; развязный; небрежно-развязный


  1. The RSM brought everyone to attention, "By the right, quick march," barked the Officer and we were off to a jaunty 6-;8 time, Blue Bonnets Over the Border , as I got under way.
  2. A stocky figure with a heavy serge coat and a "lum" hat set at a jaunty angle, turned to his two companions.
  3. This was the theme tune at last month's revolutionary rallies, where the crowds sang it with great gusto and clapped to the jaunty rhythm of its concluding lines.
  4. "That'd be telling," Jos said, his tone jaunty.
  5. I do not recall much of the plot but all through childhood and beyond I have remained haunted by vivid remembered images: little leprechauns in mad underground celebration dancing round pots of gold, leaping over plundered treasures; Michael and Katy skipping hand in hand through the fields; the jaunty, laughing, Guinness swilling, devil may care Darby with his pub stories, his sideways philosophy and his battles of wit with the wily King Brian of the leprechauns; but mainly, and most frighteningly, the dreaded death coach with its headless coachman come to call Darby's soul on the one way trip to hell.
  6. The soldiers must be changed; what about jaunty tricorne, blue chin, military jerkin, one sleeve torn from shoulder, bare arm, one sleeve tattered, belts, striped culottes torn just below knee, hessian leggings, gartering.
  7. There was no mistaking that jaunty walk and the cocky tilt of the man's head.
  8. Several times Paul Guillaume came back to the house to have his portrait painted in a discreet, dark suit, starched collar and tie, jaunty trilby hat, a gloved hand languidly holding a cigarette and thinly parted lips which seem to be saying "I am a man of exquisite taste".
  9. "Best be movin," he said and they swung open the gate and set off at a jaunty pace back up the lane towards the main road.
  10. Washbrook: composure and constancy at a jaunty angle Frank Keating dares to wish a four-square and formidable hero a very happy birthday.
  11. He is mercurially skittish as the bell-bottomed tar in Red Peppers executing jaunty scissor-like leaps.
  12. She hit upon a pair of corduroy breeches which would fit snugly at the waist but balloon over the hips, with highly-polished brown leather boots for a touch of chic, a maroon Italian sweater, which at 15p at a jumble sale had been a real snip, and a jaunty maroon beret.
  13. A few moments before he died he rubbed his cheek against our hands desperate for our touch, like a kitten or a very young baby; in the next he was once again the brave young fighter pilot, and, in a curiously jaunty gesture he put his thumbs up, as though telling control tower he was ready now for take off.

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