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Перевод: javelin speek javelin

метательное копье; дротик ; соревнования по метанию копья


  1. TESSA Sanderson edged into tonight's women's javelin final after the toughest fight of her life.
  2. Before they could reach him, however, he was borne aloft like a javelin and carried to the quayside a few yards away where he was dumped unceremoniously into the murky waters to a great cheer from those who were close enough to witness the event.
  3. The rest of the Macleans' costume was made up of weapons - dirk and sword, spear and tall Lochaber axe, javelin and bow, and even a couple of new-fangled handguns.
  4. TESSA SANDERSON kissed the javelin goodbye yesterday - after throwing one final jibe at arch rival Fatima Whitbread.
  5. I did quite well at school in the sports area, and for ages and ages I had the school record for the under-14's javelin.
  6. Great Britain's javelin star needed two throws before making sure of qualifying for tonight's final.
  7. For example, I really liked the Jowett Javelin but by then they'd already pretty much disappeared.
  8. Lee Sedgwick's party piece involves self-launching a quad-line "Revolution" javelin fashion, snatching the lines into tension and flying a routine largely through sheer manpower, then concluding in the reverse of the opening by catching the kite from a stall!
  9. Fatima Whitbread gained victory in the javelin, and the tears of Edinburgh were turned into laughter and bum-wiggling for the television cameras.
  10. Four years after her accident Dawn took up the javelin, shot and discus.
  11. Short Brothers has won two orders worth 40 million for its Javelin close-air defence weapon system from the Ministry of Defence and an unnamed country.
  12. After a few laps of the track we could kick a ball about or even have a go at throwing a javelin.

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