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Перевод: jawbone speek jawbone

челюстная кость; кредит


  1. A scar ran from the corner of his eye to under his jawbone, and his tattooed arms rested on the desk in front of him, which was covered with mementoes of his Legion career.
  2. WHEN walking across the upland fells of Britain, it is not uncommon to find the whitened jawbone of a long-dead sheep, teeth rattling in its sockets.
  3. I found this jawbone at the sea's edge:
  4. Next day, of course, the director shuffled up onto the stage, stopped the rehearsal, took Arthur on one side, and lifted the ass's mask to murmur, fluttering the hairs on the bearded jawbone," You're cutting yourself off from your technique."
  5. Across the River Esk is a whale's jawbone arch, a reminder of the town's maritime history.
  6. There are others, however, where even after centuries of use this matching is not obviously satisfactory, for example violin playing would seem to be posturally a disaster, but there may be some subtle aids to very precise control of the sound generated in having the source of sound very close to the ear and perhaps some vibration transmission by the direct contact of this instrument and the jawbone.
  7. The lower jawbone continues through both the North and South Islands of New Zealand until it reaches the "chin", then begins a slow doubling back along an unseen series of mid-oceanic ridges that curve through the roaming forties, become the back of Pac-Man's skull and turn back up towards warmer water, surfacing briefly as Easter Island and the pinnacles of Sala y Gomez, and joining the scalp and the hairline at the Mexican coast, Baja California and the west coasts of America, Canada and, finally, Alaska once more.
  8. Only the tightly clenched line of her jawbone revealed the enormous effort it was taking her just to stand upright.
  9. Eat and are finished and the jawbone comes to the beach:
  10. For an instant the jawbone touched the bare skin of his wrist, in the gap between the top of his glove and the cuff of his coat.
  11. On a grander scale, the dog-toothed vault of Crowland Abbey arches like the jawbone of a mighty whale above the Lincolnshire fens, a monument to the riches which the monks harvested from the marsh.
  12. The jawbone felt as cold as a joint of beef in a supermarket deep-freeze.
  13. When he turned his head to look at her the flesh folded underneath the jawbone into the beginnings of a double chin.

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