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Перевод: jay speek jay

сойка ; болтун ; глупый болтун; балаболка ; простак


  1. Jay had a big thing about birthdays.
  2. Jay raged against the divorced husband and all the lovers Lucy was sure to have had in between.
  3. "Sure," said Jay.
  4. Jay made a reckless pledge, feeling ianthine waves lap her limbs into a sure promise of ecstasy.
  5. Lucy was shy as hell, and Jay was sure and easy.
  6. Jay felt she had been too long alone on her pure-white sandy desert island.
  7. "Jay - what do you want ?" said Lucy as Jay dived upstairs on the tide of a blush.
  8. A hermit crab sticks sand and weed on its shell, and all Jay's glitz was camouflage.
  9. "Sorry dear," said Jay.
  10. For once, Jay was utterly rehearsed.
  11. Jay floundered.
  12. Hi, Jay.
  13. Lucy laughed: Jay thought of medieval tapestries and silver hunting horns.

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