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Перевод: jazz speek jazz

джазовый; кричащий; грубый;
джаз ; эстрадный оркестр; танец, исполняемый под джазовую музыку; яркие краски; живость ; энергия ; пестрота ; брехня ; чушь ; болтовня ;
исполнять джазовую музыку; танцевать под джаз


  1. Jazz Cafe, London NW1 (071 284 4358), Tues to Apr 19.
  2. "Is it a proper jazz band with tommy talkers like we used to run after when we were kids?"
  3. Only jazz musicians had smoked marijuana before, and everyone was astounded about Dean because open use of drugs was virtually unknown and still carried heavy penalties; regular offenders were sent to prison and any public knowledge of even marijuana usage brought furore in the headlines, as Robert Mitchum discovered.
  4. The record's jazz stylings have already attracted the attention of DJ Gilles Peterson at London's Jazz FM, who has been playing it on tape for some time.
  5. Yesterday Miss Stott's grandparents said they believed she and her boyfriend, Peter Ellis, originally from Tyneside but working as a computer analyst in New Zealand for the past 18 months, had gone on the three-week holiday in order to get engaged and to share their love of jazz.
  6. Jazz's father was a taxi-driver and drove a big diesel Mercedes, which was now parked outside the house.
  7. The Jazz Singers Vocals by Great Jazz Instrumentalists (Bluebird) Marian McPartland Portrait of; Live at Maybrick Recital Hall; From this Moment on (Concord Jazz)
  8. The ritual nature of Sweeney Agonistes emphasizes and encourages the notion of participation in a ritual process, through its use of those aspects of culture in which the people of the period participated most: jazz, music-hall songs, melodrama.
  9. Just occasionally, as in the orgiastic masquerade - complete with jazz band - near the end, it all becomes too much and one slumps back in exhaustion, but for the most part the show's farcical delirium is irresistible.
  10. They treated each other more carefully than friends usually do, chose each other little gifts, tiny wooden ducks from China, sprays of silk roses, jazz collectors' tapes.
  11. Mugger murders British holidaymaker on the first day of jazz trip to New Orleans
  12. Rap's not gonna go away, jazz isn't gonna gow away.
  13. Who is the greatest living British jazz musician?

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