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Перевод: job speek job

наемный; нанятый на определенную работу; аккордный;
многострадальный человек; терпеливый человек; занятие; работа ; труд ; трудное дело; сдельная работа; служба ; место работы; предприятие; стройплощадка ; задание; урок ; использование своего положения в личных целях; кража ; деталь ; изделие; обрабатываемый предмет; акциденция ; внезапный толчок; внезапный удар; лошадь или экипаж, взятые напрокат;
работать сдельно; нанимать на сдельную работу; работать нерегулярно; работать случайно; брать внаем лошадей или экипажи; давать внаем лошадей или экипажи; спекулировать; барышничать; быть маклером; обманывать; надувать; действовать недобросовестно; злоупотреблять своим положением; толкнуть; ударить; колоть; пырнуть; пронзать; вонзать; выполнять задание; сильно дернуть лошадь за удила


  1. He has had only sporadic, unskilled labour work since leaving school but he did have, for 18 months, a job as a taxi driver with a friend.
  2. Often, when I was cycling through the camp after coming off duty, I would spy Thursby in the distance beavering along, head down against the gale, full of eagerness to get back on the job and spot any mistakes we had made during his absence.
  3. His job included the "difficult task of reviewing all of Harwell's overhead services" which resulted in a "considerable rationalisation of the organisation".
  4. He didn't go on the job but did most of the planning.
  5. Ultra-violet light sterilisers perform a similar job to ozone without so many possible side effects.
  6. Every interview can be a useful and constructive experience and doing a proper interview follow-up will help you get the most out of it, even if you are not successful in getting the job.
  7. Insist on having a say in what goes into job advertisements for employees who will ultimately be your subordinates.
  8. Finance director Scott Beattie said operating margins improved 1 p.c. despite helped a reorganisation plan put in place 18 months ago that included 400 job cuts.
  9. Because a lifetime of debauchery somehow loses its romantic kudos once it winds down to a respectable job and keep-fit classes; it stops being a biopic and starts sounding like a how-I-conquered-my-bad-habits-and-became-a-normal-person telefilm.
  10. I don't mean a job, but something which needs doing, all the same."
  11. This corpse looks fresh - it's a good job they don't bury people properly round here, else I'd have to dig 'em up.
  12. "She has done a wonderful job," district organiser Barbara Noakes said.
  13. But he wrote to Hanns "Don't worry about conditions here: although they can be grim, I've known them a lot grimmer in S.A." He declared that "being new in London is a full time job" and described the town rhapsodically as

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