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Перевод: Jock speek Jock

шотландский солдат; жокей ;
[имя собственное]


  1. THE LATE Jock Stein laid down a strategy for the World Cup when he said that a team could wear working clothes to qualify, but needed to find evening dress for the event itself.
  2. To ease my conscience I would like it to be recognised that I have five co-founders: Jock Lewes, Paddy Mayne of the original "L" Detachment, George Berg who started the French S.A.S., Brian Franks who re-raised the S.A.S. flag after the war and John Woodhouse who created the modern S.A.S. during the Malaysian Campaign by restoring to the regiment its original philosophy.
  3. A brother officer, Jock Lewes of the Welsh Guards, had discovered some parachutes which were destined for transport to India, and obtained permission from Laycock for himself and Stirling to experiment with them, together with four other Guardsmen.
  4. My thoughts were interrupted by Jock saying very quietly, "If you are thinking of getting back to H.Q, Piper, I advise you to piss off as soon as you can."
  5. No, I'm just a Jock - Guardsman Willoughby - and a Jock I look like staying till the end of the war."
  6. Hugh McIlvanney's feeling for his fellow-man shines through, too, although his emotions seem to have been already spent when he wrote his tribute to the late Jock Stein.
  7. Jock enquired.
  8. James Prior went to the Department of Employment; in the words of one critic, Jock Bruce-Gardyne, he was to make this key department a citadel of "unrepentant corporatism".
  9. Jock shook my hand in passing, and introduced the last performer, Milorad Pavic.
  10. The interval bell sounded, and soon I was waiting for Jock to introduce me, and striding on.
  11. He is expected to become Colchester's manager when Jock Wallace retires next year.
  12. Jock exploded with a mouthful of oaths.
  13. Jock Stein, former manager of Scotland, and David Longhurst, the York City striker, both died of heart attacks; the Dutch coach of Barcelona, Johan Cruyff, was given a double heart bypass operation after collapsing; and only last month West Hartlepool's rugby union lock forward, John Howe, collapsed and died on the pitch.

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