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Перевод: Joe speek Joe

[имя собственное]


  1. Joe Strummer played a bearded dishwasher in the mercenary army who gets thrown into a river in Alex Cox's Walker .
  2. Charlie Chaplin was without doubt a major figure during Hollywood's inception, a star who stoutly refused to play ball with Senator Joe McCarthy's communist witch-hunt in the dark days of the Fifties.
  3. Until Khrushchev astonished our Georgian apparatchik at the 20th Party Congress, everyone in the West supposed that as some sort of Gauleiter of the Ukraine, he would be even worse than Uncle Joe.
  4. Joe steals two bus tickets to Miami, but Ratso dies just as they reach the place of his dreams.
  5. We'd go to tea with him and Auntie Lucy, and Uncle Joe would sit me on his lap and stroke my hair.
  6. According to Manchester's The Legendary Joe Bloggs Incorporated Co, trends go in cycles.
  7. For Joe Trace, a door-to-door salesman of Cleopatra beauty products, and his wife Violet, the good times finally seem to be rolling.
  8. "Hello, Joe," the desk-sergeant greeted him.
  9. A stunned Council considered selling the Undertaking to private enterprise, but Joe Franklin persuaded them that it could be made to pay providing economies were made.
  10. It was not enough to be the best in the world at your chosen sport, as Joe Davis found to his cost.
  11. It's about time Joe pulled himself together.
  12. The other major change sees the very useful Joe Lydon on the bench.
  13. Appearing in Ackerley's books pages might, you feel, have been a privilege but an afternoon of Joe and Joe's dog would have been too much.

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