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нужник [сл.]


  1. It was a sunny autumn afternoon in 1963 as John and Mary Briggs were walking along a disused trackbed in the West Country with their two Jack Russell terriers, Tina and Spot, who were enjoying their walk as much as their owners.
  2. It's possible, John."
  3. He said that apart from himself, the band would be John, Ed and Paul.
  4. " Came a sudden clatter of feet on the stone steps to the cellars, torchlight on the steel of the men-at-arms, and Guy Fawkes, calling himself John Johnson, was caught in the act.
  5. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the mist began to clear and, suddenly, John saw the Dragoons coming across the muir from the east and heading straight towards them.
  6. The Transport and General Workers Union's decision comes amid a row with Labour leader John Smith over plans to limit union votes on party matters.
  7. As often happens, being a group of good intelligences together, they spurred each other on, and John easily held his own among them.
  8. Even those men, such as Bert Cooke and John Douglas, who were later critical of ministers becoming professional politicians, found themselves acting in the political arena as they tried to explain to an increasingly interested audience why their spiritual leader was being sent to prison.
  9. John Tomlinson LCH MRPharmS is the founder and director of the Helios Homopathic Pharmacy in Tunbridge Wells where he also practises .
  10. THE European Community Cross Country Cup competition comes to Britain this weekend for the first time, with races at Hartsdown Park in Margate tomorrow, writes John Rodda.
  11. Nobody knows exactly who built South Luffenham, but it is almost certain that an architect called John Sturges supplied the drawings.
  12. By John Woodford in Stuttgart
  13. The opening tune is an instrumental called The Brother and we also do a John Hiatt composition called Real Man .

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