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Перевод: Jordan speek Jordan

[имя собственное]
Иордан [геогр.] ; Иордания [геогр.]


  1. Israel secured its objective of preserving Jordan against the challenge of the PLO and Syria but, in so doing, left Jordan embarrassed in the Arab arena.
  2. They included colleagues from Egypt, India, Jordan, Kenya and Malaysia, who were trained in photogeology and remote sensing; mineral sciences; mineral separation; evaluation of clay minerals; petrology and mineralogy of gemstones; book, map and desk-top publication; production of a minerals year book; and geological cartography.
  3. The King described the election, the first for 22 years, as the start of a new phase in Jordan's life.
  4. Labour had maintained ever since 1967 that the foundation of any settlement of the territories was an arrangement with Jordan.
  5. Mr Jordan, told the miners' leader: "The armies of mass pickets have been demobilised and the next Labour government must not call them up.
  6. "One of Ethel Jordan's, is it?
  7. Jordan without its West Bank
  8. Jordan leaned over him.
  9. Security officials in Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt blame the "Afghanis", as the Arab veterans of the war are called, for importing military discipline and expertise about weapons into their own countries' Islamic fundamentalist movements.
  10. Jordan, of course, was United's Scottish fang-toothed striker who bit deep into defences during the Seventies.
  11. On the way back from Baghdad we stopped briefly in Amman, Jordan.
  12. Because of the perceived strategic sensitivities of the region, the regional and local contestants - Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt and the PLO - were unable to conduct their struggles without the involvement of the superpowers.
  13. THE CRYING GAME Irish director Neil Jordan's latest film takes him back to his best territory, the shadowy world of terrorism, crime and sexual deviance.

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