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  1. Its Military Committee, which the victors of 1945 had once hoped (for little more than the time it takes to shake hands) would in future enforce peace at the head of a world army, remained a jobless phantom.
  2. Those may or may not lead to training or jobs but once a person registers for an interview they are taken off the jobless total.
  3. "Glimmers of hope" after lowest jobless rise for two years
  4. The city's jobless rate is already 7.3% and rising - compared with 2.6% in the 1980 recession and 9.3% in the worst month of the 1980s, July 1986.
  5. The court heard that jobless Hart, 39, hit Sharon as she crossed the road on the way back from fetching sweets.
  6. Extra 177m to get jobless back to work
  7. IN A RASPING attack on the "Pharisees" of British society who decry the unsuccessful, the jobless and the poor, the Archbishop of Canterbury has returned to his attack on a decade of Conservative government.
  8. Bring him your poor, your sick, jobless, homeless and hungry; for they are the "price well worth paying" to get inflation down.
  9. SHARES shook off a massive jump in the jobless figure and went up again yesterday.
  10. put most simply, being at a loose end leads men to the vice of drunkenness and the crime of murder; and the jobless Marmeladov and the ex-student Raskolnikov are both very pointedly at a loose end.
  11. The jobless rate in Holland remained at 4.9% in February.
  12. One in four people are now jobless in inner areas like Tottenham and Peckham.
  13. Jobless fall.

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