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Перевод: jocose speek jocose

шутливый; игривый


  1. CD's reference to his succeeding the experimental philosophical pig who had died from "taking a bath at too high a temperature", and thus falling a victim "to his thirst for knowledge" is a jocose allusion to Pliny's death during the eruption of Vesuvius, which he was trying to study at close quarters.
  2. students of bones, a jocose reference back to the first description of Mrs Podsnap ( OMF i 2) as a "fine woman for Professor Owen, quantity of bone, neck and nostrils like a rocking horse
  3. Tallboy was jocose.
  4. Doncaster had arrived in Paris on Michaelmas day, where he encountered Roger de Missenden and Thomas de la Ley, king's clerk, seated at dinner "jocose, sanos et hillares".
  5. Sir: A few hours after reading Terry Coleman's article on the United Nations General Assembly (30 September), I came across this passage in Trollope's Barchester Towers, which exactly expressed my feelings, and, I hope, those of many others of your readers: I know no life that must be so delicious as that of a writer for the newspapers to thunder forth accusations against men in power; show up the worst side of everything that is produced; to pick holes in every coat; to be indignant, sarcastic, jocose, moral, or supercilious; to damn with faint praise, or crush with open calumny.
  6. It's never tobacco or alcohol, the most dangerous addictive drugs around, which people have in mind when they refer, whether in jocose or deadly-serious vein, to a "drugs problem": it's illegal drugs they are on about.

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