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Перевод: jocular speek jocular

шутливый; юмористический; забавный; веселый; комический; игривый


  1. CD added a jocular footnote about this accidental anachronism to the Cheap Edition of Pickwick in 1847.
  2. Their circle of acquaintances included the cheesemonger and horn-player Ignaz Leutgeb (for whom Mozart wrote four concertos between 1183 and 1791, spattered with jocular comments on Leutgeb's technical shortcomings - "Bravo!" and "Oh, you donkey!");
  3. After much remonstrating during which I was told very kindly and politely that there was no problem, till I felt like tearing my hair out, I was sent to sit in a corner (just a woman you see) and Mr Fleming was ushered off to meet an official, rush off somewhere and come back with a piece of paper which was duly stamped, passport returned, and off we went to meet our contact, who explained in a jocular fashion that I was the problem.
  4. Notable among other characters in the Highbury family of the early 1930s were goalkeeper Frank Moss, renowned for his physical courage against charging centre-forwards, Tom Parker with his calm, almost placid professionalism, Eddie Hapgood, the fitness fanatic, the phlegmatic Cliff Bastin and the jocular Joe Hulme.
  5. One hears jocular allusions to AIDS in circles which would class themselves sophisticated but from this programme, it is clear that the early theory that AIDS was some kind of divine blight on homosexuals, is already discounted.
  6. Amis nudged along his suburban ensemble with typically unhurried assurance, but he didn't seem to notice or care that each character spoke the same jocular bloke-in-the-pub idiom: long, broken-backed sentences that thrive on small qualifications.
  7. We were representatives of so many branches of sciences that we used to speak of ourselves, in a jocular way, as a British Association, in miniature, for the amusements of science.
  8. Some of the campus buildings have unnervingly jocular names, like the Sid Robertson Building, or the Harry Ransom Centre.
  9. Foreman has not made things easier for Stewart by his jocular jibes.
  10. In it he said of Mrs Thatcher, in the jocular way he addresses us all: "I wish that cow would resign."
  11. He tried to sound jocular but realised that he sounded almost pleading.
  12. At the turn of a switch, an emotional tirade could become jocular chit-chat.
  13. And the grisly, whey-faced businessmen, queasily jocular, and what do they expect, drinking like pigs and pretending they travel by private jet every day?

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