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Перевод: jog speek jog

толчок ; подталкивание; встряхивание; медленная езда; тряская езда; трусца ; медленная ходьба; неровность ; легкое препятствие; излом линии; излом поверхности; помеха ;
толкать; подталкивать; слегка подталкивать локтем; ехать или двигаться подпрыгивая; ехать или двигаться подскакивая; двигаться подскакивая; трястись; трясти; трус`ить; бегать трусцой; бежать трусцой; ехать медленно; медленно, но упрямо продвигаться вперед; продолжать


  1. A walking jog on the spot combined with various gentle stretching movements will help to build up the heartbeat and improve the circulation of blood throughout the body.
  2. Youths in outsize hats, lounging in the doorways of shops and cafes, with hands thrust deep into their pockets, gossip and smoke, jog on the spot to keep warm, or lob snowballs at each other across the road, over the roofs of passing cars.
  3. But not the water gymnastics or the 5 o'clock jog for those who like it hot!
  4. The bridge pickup is mounted on a sort of Tele-style plate, which when combined with the overall shape of the guitar gives the memory a bit of a jog and you find yourself starting to think Thinline or HM Telecaster, which may not be a good thing if Starfield are aiming at total individuality.
  5. He didn't jog.
  6. She turned to walk back, then decided to jog.
  7. He appreciates their design features: what a kangaroo gains and loses by moving in leaps, why horses change gait, why it is harder to walk quickly than to jog at an easy pace.
  8. It usually ended up as a slow jog with a buck thrown in for good measure.
  9. Keith tried to snatch the pen away from her and she slapped his hand so that he did not jog her.
  10. "A good brisk walk is equivalent to a jog any time"); that when a lightly built eight-stone person runs around on a hard surface, his/her knees suffer a momentary weight equivalent to three-quarters of a ton with each step he/she takes; that dieting and exercises together can cause hormonal imbalances, infertility and period loss in women; that the death rate of stressed, worried, prejudiced-against-smoking non-smokers can be three times as high as that of relaxed smokers.
  11. TO JOG - Jogging is popular and many claim it is the best way to exercise.
  12. At the end of this chapter there is a list entitled "Decision Areas of Marriage", to jog your memory as to specific expectations you may have.

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