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Перевод: jogging

бег разминочным темпом


  1. A friend wishes to go jogging with you.
  2. Jogging was more of a man's sport.
  3. He was cutting his journey fine and it was only by actually jogging from Friedrichstrasse, and feeling a fool for doing so, apart from almost breaking his neck by slipping on the icy pavement, that he arrived at his office before the ominous red line was drawn.
  4. If you have made up your mind what you are going to do, go shopping for necessary extras like jogging shoes, or walking shoes, or a swimming costume.
  5. stylish sweatshirts, T-shirts, jogging bottoms, baseball caps, plus bags and catalogues
  6. Another friend suggests jogging at 2200-;2300.
  7. "It wasn't easy to make a fitting with her in LA and me in Paris," says the designer, though at Christmas Madonna found time to visit him in Paris, where she spent her time "jogging and pumping iron".
  8. For Brace, who engaged only in jogging before he was struck by the marathon boom, it will be his 26th venture over the 26 miles 385 yards course.
  9. You bought some bloody jogging shoes (not just jogging shoes, with air-suspension heels, but shorts, two T-shirts, two pairs of running socks, a sweatshirt, a book on dieting and exercise, and a rowing machine/fitness centre for wet days costing 117.85).
  10. Comfortable and stylish, the collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts (with or without hoods), jogging bottoms and baseball caps.
  11. Nigel decided to take up jogging again in the grounds and got Flora to lend him a sewing kit to mend his trousers.
  12. He had brought his tracksuit and trainers with him to try to keep up his jogging.
  13. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, jogging bottoms, caps even carrier bags!

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