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Перевод: join speek join

соединение; точка соединения; линия соединения; плоскость соединения;
соединять; соединить; связывать; стыковать; состыковывать; состыковываться; соединяться; объединиться; вписываться; вливаться; сливаться; граничить; присоединять; присоединить; присоединиться; завербоваться; вступать; вступить в члены; примкнуть; приобщать; приобщаться; войти в компанию; подпевать; возвратиться; снова занять свое место; наращивать


  1. "Join up."
  2. If you wish to join, you should complete the membership form below and send it to The Royal Air Forces Association, 43 Grove Park Road, Chiswick, London W4 3RX, together with your remittance for the appropriate membership fee.
  3. When you join the Golf Plus Club, as a member you are presented with a free book of privilege vouchers that offer substantial discounts on a whole range of golf products and services.
  4. No problems with the assembly and fitting here, the neck/body join is just so, and the meticulously-applied three-tone sunbursting is just so attractive.
  5. But if his empire fails this time it will join the record books as the largest business collapse in the world.
  6. There will be a host of parties to join there and with his mastery of manoeuvring he may even understand who is killing whom and why.
  7. Alternatively, join us for an optional excursion to Vienna Woods, including a trip to the hunting lodge at Mayerling.
  8. There will be plenty of opportunity to join clubs and societies and to socialise in the evenings.
  9. Mr Powell said: "I'm thrilled by the opportunity to join its team."
  10. Careful thought had to be given to assembly and I found that the easiest way was to join all the inner to the outer legs first, making eight rectangular frames.
  11. It appears that Paris has been liberated and the French Commandos want to be there to join in the celebrations with the citizens of Paris.
  12. Tonight President and Mrs Reagan (ex-Presidents of the US retain the title) will join President Nixon - 80 on January 9 - and scores of other leading politicians and businessmen at Claridge's for the annual dinner given by the Los Angeles-based Atlantic Richfield company, one of the world's largest producers of oil and gas.
  13. The young however, tend to join others in large creches and are eventually deserted on their parent's departure for Heligoland.

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