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Перевод: joiner speek joiner

столяр ; плотник ; член нескольких организаций


  1. The day started at 8.50 with a tutorial period taken by Mrs Joiner.
  2. Other facilities include a doctor's surgery, a joiner and funeral director, and building and electrical businesses.
  3. Soon the tannoy system announced all the lower school messages: Mrs Joiner and I were deafened and it was sufficiently painful for me to feel relief when it stopped.
  4. A joiner's shop belonging to him was washed clean down, and all his tools and stock of wood carried off."
  5. The old post office, doctor's surgery, saddler's and butcher's were demolished village store, post office, old established builder's, old established joiner and builder, agricultural machinery firm, pottery and reading room, and many people from the village are employed in these businesses.
  6. Mrs Joiner's relationship with the children was very pleasant and she remained remarkably encouraging when they were a little restless.
  7. Uncle Bill was a joiner in the sawmill at Granton.
  8. Jim, using the jig bored oil and bolt hole as datum, made a hardwood fixture for his general joiner.
  9. Mr. Larmer, who prior to his work at Radford Park was a builder joiner, plans to continue with his woodwork at home in Lindford.
  10. Horrified by this trend, Steve Norman, a joiner from Berkshire, turned his home into a shelter for unwanted Rotties.
  11. There is a post office and general store, a garage, a joiner's shop, various resident builders, and a local inn, the Travellers Rest.
  12. In 1902, Joiner sold the mill to the Somerset-based Dulcote Leatherboard Co, of which he was already a partner, and the mill became home to a number of special processes, mainly for the manufacture of shoe stiffeners.
  13. Among the manual workers there were two weavers, a mines steward, and a papermaker; a railway porter, a canal boatman, and a Thames waterman; a joiner and two brickmakers; a hawking couple; two midwives and three domestic servants; a gamekeeper and a shepherd, and seven farmworkers.

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