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Перевод: joining speek joining

сливающийся; конфлюирующий;
присоединение; соединение


  1. Last week Citicorp, America's second-biggest bank, announced that Christopher Steffen would be joining in June the five-man team that runs the bank.
  2. However, after discharge from hospital he remained isolated despite efforts that were made to encourage him to develop social contacts through joining community clubs.
  3. Enraged, Richard sailed on and landed at Acre, joining the besieging army on 8th June.
  4. In joining London Gay Switchboard, I'm not sure quite what I expected.
  5. Why not start the week by joining one of our Monday folk sessions, at which we aim to present the best of folk from North Yorkshire.
  6. HYPNOTONE: "Be Good To Me" trancey house quartet issue their first single since splitting with Creation and joining Manchester music figure Dave Haslam's new First Love label
  7. They insisted on the rehabilitation of their relatives and friends, joining the growing numbers gathering daily around the Xidan wall.
  8. This is Wendy Richard's real life big day with actor Peter Dean joining in the jollities
  9. Women who are very depressed may need more intensive individual support before joining others with bulimia in a group.
  10. Joining the Property Register Service is one way of helping to fight this excessive tea-leavery.
  11. "He's a monster!" grumbled another mallard duck, joining his friends.
  12. "Alongside our station here at Gilback Ddu, the North Wales Automobile Club will be joining our celebrations by hosting a gathering of old and interesting vehicles.
  13. By 1986 he had reverted to freelancing on several national newspapers and magazines before joining the newly launched Independent as rock critic.

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