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Перевод: joint speek joint

объединенный; общий; совместный; комбинированный; слитный;
место соединения; соединение; стык ; разъем ; связь ; сустав ; сочленение; сросток ; часть разрубленной туши; притон ; кабак ; место; помещение; сигарета с марихуаной; рубчик переплета; узел ; трещина ; линия кливажа; шов ; скрутка ; паз ; шарнир ; узел фермы; отстав ; отдельность ;
соединять; сочленять; связывать; сплачивать; соединять при помощи вставных частей, колен; пригонять; прифуговывать; разнимать; расчленять; расшивать швы кирпичной кладки


  1. The following example of a joint problem-solving session, discussed in greater detail elsewhere in a different context (Hanko 1985/7), illustrates both the range of issues that can arise for exploration, and the processes which can be activated in group consultation to contribute to insight and solution.
  2. But joint Charlton manager Alan Curbishley said: "Nobody begrudged Robert his move - and that was not the case with a couple of players when they left."
  3. The points, however, made no impact on the joint leaders, Aberdeen and Rangers, who also enjoyed good victories.
  4. Admiral Crowe was replaced as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sunday by General Colin Powell.
  5. Thus, it appeared to be a curiously odd appointment to the District as the most active and successful Tutorial Classes already existed in Northamptonshire while there were large tracts of East Anglia where, from the WEA standpoint as a Responsible Body and as joint provider of Tutorial Classes with the Cambridge Board, much valuable work might have been undertaken by a university resident tutor.
  6. Such studies, he argued, have shown that joint schooling is not necessarily successful in lowering prejudice.
  7. It would be a joint venture, the exchange indicated, with the exchange perhaps owning 40 per cent with the remainder controlled by 20 or more institutions, such as banks, registrars, securities houses and large financial institutions as well as some listed companies.
  8. It has the following contents: a wire brush, wire stripper; combination tool/crimper; pliers/ wire snips/ adjustable largeangled jaw pliers; set of feeler gauges; tyre pressure gauge; set of six small BA spinners; cross-head screwdriver; ball-end hammer; tommy bar, extension bar, universal joint and ratchet bar for sockets; set of eight metric Allen keys; set of eight imperial Allen keys; set of eight imperial Allen keys; set of six metric ring/open-ended spanners, to set of six metric ring/open-ended spanners, 8 to 17mm; set of 10 imperial sockets, to set of eight metric sockets, 10 to 22mm; and a set of five straight-head screwdrivers.
  9. It has engaged local authorities and local communities as participants and consultees in the strategy making process and as joint actors in regeneration projects.
  10. The control panel is sited very sensibly in a line-of-sight position, on the upper edge of the body, toward the neck joint.
  11. These joint actions of yours and mine that have weakened it.
  12. There are some helpful rationalisations afoot: Mercury, together with 11 other telecomms companies, has recently set up a joint venture, FNA, to provide "unified communications services" between the financial centres of the world.
  13. The course is a joint project of Spurgeon's College and the Oasis Trust and in effect it provides a choice for candidates for the Baptist ministry.

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