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Перевод: jointly

совместно; сообща


  1. Trading giant Mitsubishi Corp has gained exclusive sales rights for Japan to the SNA ps5520 software package that connects the IBM Corp AS/400 used as a host with the Apple Computer Inc Macintosh as a client: the company already sells a similar package which connects IBM mainframes and Macs; the software, as reported, was developed jointly by IBM and Apple, and has been localised by a Mitsubishi-related software house and the package will be sold through IBM Japan office systems dealers, Mac dealers and systems integrators; the SNA ps3270 emulator is already installed on a trial basis at some 10 large companies, Mitsubishi says; it looks to sell around 5,000 copies over the next year.
  2. We need a code of practice here - jointly drafted by the MCofS and the MBA and approved by their members, including the Scottish climbing clubs.
  3. Jointly with its American equivalent - which has half-a-dozen scientific professionals on the job - it decides how far the ball may fly and with what it may be hit.
  4. To produce so many papers jointly, plus scores more separately, during 1985 through 1988 can have left little time for intensive work on the test-tube fusion project."
  5. Ideally partnerships should allow teachers and business people to work together on curriculum developments and to consider jointly what each might offer to curriculum delivery.
  6. They now have to contend with a survey of corporate America conducted jointly by an executive-recruitment firm, Korn/Ferry, and the University of California at Los Angeles.
  7. The group were led jointly by Fr. and Fr.
  8. James Joseph Canning, 36, and Ethel Audrey Lamb, 60, of Islip Gardens, Northolt, north-west London, were jointly charged at Paddington Green police station with conspiracy to cause explosions and possession of Semtex and firearms.
  9. In some, districts were headed jointly by an engineer and a commercial manager (on the argument that there were essentially two different functions: system engineering, and sales and contracting); in others each district had only one manager (usually an engineer).
  10. Only after an expensive study was it concluded that the steelwork used in the 240 million plant (jointly owned with Exxon and inaugurated in October) would not be susceptible to RFI.
  11. OpenWare/Motif for Sparcstations, jointly developed with Ascii Corp, is the version of Motif being used, and it will be also sold by Astec.
  12. Jointly funded by the EEC the Joint European Torus (JET) had then cost 175 million.
  13. The clinics will be followed in October with a visit by 28 Northern Ireland companies, jointly organised with the Local Enterprise Development Unit, to the ANUGA international food trade exhibition in Cologne, Germany, to evaluate the strength of European competition.

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