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Перевод: joke speek joke

анекдот ; шутка ; острота ; смешной случай; объект шуток; посмешище;
шутить; подшучивать; дразнить; балагурить


  1. It was the kind of joke that went down well in Wimbledon.
  2. Furtwngler was very sullen but musicians like to joke and tell stories and the evening was a great success.
  3. The British reader, who is likely to have been spared certain of the varieties of suffering which are spoken of in the writings of Kundera and Klima, where a joke, or no joke, or nothing whatever, can sequester you for years from the people you grew up with, is in a position, for all that, to know what Sabina means here.
  4. When his illness was at the active stage, he was very particular about keeping his own utensils separate from everyone else's, and would joke about it, saying as he sat down at the table, "Make way for the leper."
  5. "Outlining joke spectacles, you know, around my eyes, from behind.
  6. "Only a joke!" he protested.
  7. this joke is peanut-brained presidents
  8. this joke is breaking wind
  9. GDR is just a joke The ferment in East Germany is breeding a batch of jokes.
  10. To approach the military aspect is to move from relative certainties to what the old joke calls "a higher level of ignorance".
  11. They all laughed, for Breeze's untidiness had been a school joke for years.
  12. The joke, captioned The Poisoned Well, runs:
  13. this joke is canned laughter for Catflap

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