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Перевод: joker speek joker

джокер [карт.] ; двусмысленная фраза в законе; двусмысленная статья в законе; непредвиденное обстоятельство; парень ; человек ; балагур ; шутник


  1. This includes the actual production cost of the movie (probably around 50m) and advances under "gross profit" participation clauses awarded to "talent", such as Jack Nicholson who, perhaps appropriately, played a villain called "The Joker".
  2. So beware the joker.
  3. Zoology, the joker in his pack, offered in his final year, also achieved 62 per cent.
  4. It is, however, the philosopher rather than the joker who is in evidence in Imre Salusinsky's interview with Derrida, conducted in 1985.
  5. Derrida as joker undermines all practices and ideas, including his own.
  6. And it is their Derrida, the nihilist or joker, who has been so influential in literature departments.
  7. This hortatory and vaguely uplifting conclusion is out of key with the body of Megill's book, which is distinguished by the penetrating quality of its readings, and which, among much else, offers a very persuasive presentation of Derrida as joker.
  8. Invariably the butt of the family joker, he leaves his wife clamouring for an image maker for a husband.
  9. THE JOKER: He may also decide to give sexy underwear that doesn't actually fit, or, if he is feeling malicious, spicy chewing gum for the loud mouthed - gum that cements the lips together.
  10. The joker, however, gives the present knowing that in the confusion as it goes off, it may be thrown the wrong way - into the face of the recipient's partner.
  11. Three weeks earlier they had devoted a page to the story that another of his girlfriends, actress Rebecca Broussard, aged twenty-six, was expecting his baby, revealing that he was "excitedly looking forward to playing daddy, but the bed-jumping Joker has flatly told Rebecca that he had no intention of marrying her."
  12. (That's how you discover the odd rude word that's been written on the script by some joker, before the VIP inadvertently reads it out.)
  13. An unfamiliar Derrida emerges from Norris's book on him, not a nihilist, an artist-philosopher or a joker, but a profound thinker who does not uphold the positions that are popularly ascribed to him: irrationalism; interpretation as an unending free-for-all; meaning disappearing in a cloud of dispersing signifiers; the abandonment of reference and the disappearance (or death) of the author.

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