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  1. He had added that his new possession would need "a bit of doing up", but other engineers working at Nigel's firm seemed almost as fascinated as he himself, and once it arrived on the premises Nigel remarked jokingly, "Not too many lighthouses were made for a couple of years."
  2. Jack jokingly referred to her as an addition to the family.
  3. She said jokingly: "If I moved up here, I'd lose my tenuous grip on reality altogether!"
  4. The owner of the Wight Mouse Inn will tell you jokingly that his sign actually means "most children welcome".
  5. I picked up a bag and jokingly said, "If you don't go we'll bag you up and send you to Hull".
  6. A SCHOOLBOY brandishing a toy gun jokingly held up his mum in the street - and triggered a police alert.
  7. Soderstrom - who later in the concert jokingly apologised for her scratchiness - was obviously miserable, more miserable than she needed to be, about the quality of the sound she was making, and her misery took the form of distinguished concentration on pitch, so that there were many small uncharacteristic faults in her intonation.
  8. "It's all right, I haven't brought the bagpipes," I jokingly remarked.
  9. For weeks after the game Scots fans jokingly demanded that the team abandon traditional training methods and prepare for every match with a raging bender.
  10. In the same way I was unable to do much else but grin and bear it when my then assistant chief constable (crime), Ken Oxford (later to be the chief constable of Merseyside) implicitly restated police concepts of correct bodily order, when he jokingly told a group of visiting journalists who had come to do a story on this wayward group of detectives, "we pay him a plain clothes allowance you know".
  11. The Barcelona festival is the most enjoyable, experimental stop on what Gibson jokingly calls the "virtual rubber chicken circuit", a global network of theoretical conferences, trade fairs and arty think tanks which has developed over the last two years to tap the millennial fascination with virtual reality.
  12. Her husband was an invalid and she had but one friend, or rather, vassal, referred to jokingly by the local people as "yon auld witch".
  13. By the 1920s the Swiss jokingly complained that they needed a passport to enter some parts of their country because British skiers had taken them over, and by 1921 there were few Alpine slopes, skiable with contemporary equipment, which had not been tried out by enthusiasts.

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