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Перевод: jolt speek jolt

толчок ; удар ; тряска ; потрясение;
трясти; встряхивать; подбрасывать; трястись; двигаться подпрыгивая; потрясти; встревожить


  1. Performances once again breathe the unmistakable air of authority (despite a strange jolt in dynamic about 2:20 into the Suite ), and the music (particularly the Symphony ) certainly repays investigation.
  2. He tumbled sixty feet before he was brought up with a jolt.
  3. To get back to that post-prandial scene, there is, I believe, just one thing that can jolt one out of one's seat; a bitter almond.
  4. My heart gave me an unforgettable jolt when I thought him to be headless; yet there was no blood staining the fresh, even snow.
  5. Mr Major and his campaign team ended the week in a heartened frame of mind, particularly after the recovery from the jolt of Labour's sudden surge in the polls last week.
  6. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles jolt.
  7. To read Tolkien, Morris, Hodgson, Wells and Verne, to mention a few of the most imaginative of authors is to expand the confines of the mind and to jolt it out of its habitual furrow.
  8. Her mother so seldom asked her for anything, she realised with a jolt.
  9. Commented Aileen Collins retrospectively, " our study of literature in no way reflected what we knew was happening in the world (we aspired) to let in new voices, and essentially to jolt Canadians from their lethargy and narrow-mindedness.
  10. Westminster's station master apparent David Howell (first class hons in economics at Cambridge, who happens to represent commuter Guildford as well as being Secretary of State for Transport), woke up with a jolt.
  11. Beyond and above the jolt to the national memory, there was for me a special exhumation of the past.
  12. We all make mistakes and whilst unwelcome they are often good for us because they jolt our complacency.
  13. I felt the jolt in his chest as I hugged it in rhythm against mine and for a long second couldn't believe it, but then he heaved again in my arms and coughed in my face and a mouthful of dirty water shot out in a spout and he began coughing in earnest and choking and gasping for air gasping, gulping air down, wheezing in his throat, whooping like whooping cough, struggling to fill his functioning lungs.

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