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Перевод: josh speek josh

добродушная шутка; мистификация ;
подшучивать; разыгрывать; мистифицировать


  1. Josh Gifford.
  2. John Buckingham on Foinavon, well behind this chaos, was still keeping an eye on Josh Gifford on Honey End, though he was aware that his mount would be likely to prove more one-paced than the favourite.
  3. There is also the need for books like Ivan Southall's Josh , which recognizes the existence of sensitive and non-fighting boys.
  4. Guru Josh
  5. "Clare's seeing Sam and Josh off for a day on the speedboat.
  6. Fours: D Pudney (Towerlands) 23, E Josh (Colchester) 18; R Cutts (Ipswich) 22, A Chambers (Mid Suffolk) 14.
  7. Josh shuffled off down the lip of the basin still sieving the water.
  8. Old Josh had been right, as always.
  9. He wrote a cheque and Josh okayed it with the bank - phoned Hnatiuk, the manager, at home."
  10. She usually plumps for a lamb rogan josh (7.25), a traditional dish cooked with spices, browned onions, ginger and garlic and simmered in yoghurt.
  11. Please be patient, darling, for Josh's sake as well as your own.
  12. So, whatever the weather, atop swinging or steaming loads trundling through the village, Josh stands ramrod straight facing the rear and semaphoring the driver's intentions to frustrated queues of following cars.
  13. Josh Gifford will saddle Bradbury Star and Deep Sensation.

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