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Перевод: jostle speek jostle

толчок ; столкновение; толкотня ; давка ;
толкать; пихать; отталкивать; теснить; толкаться; тесниться


  1. If Les Negresses Vertes tend to jostle on the stage like animals being herded down a narrow street, it is partly because there are so many of them (11, when all the strays are rounded up), but also because, even as the show begins, several key members appear to be too drunk to be capable of motion in a straight line.
  2. For some of us, the homecoming of the bare-faced crows marks, more than anything else, the progress of the year: more than the sparrow's egg that fell from a nest in the guttering of a barn's roof; or, for that matter, the arrival of the hive bees to jostle around the gold gorse flowers; more than the toad crawling to the pond in which he was spawned; or the squeak of a hungry pipistrelle bat venturing out of hibernation on a warm, wet evening.
  3. In LBOs, creditors are often also shareholders, making them less likely to jostle for advantage when times get tough.
  4. But the crude over-emphases jostle with touches of true subtlety.
  5. A country where the average income is only 350 a year, and where the poor jostle for space as well as food, will never find it easy to bind up its factional wounds.
  6. Not all the commentators on The Cantos have remarked how conspicuous is the absence of Virgil's name and presence, among the numberless names and presences which jostle on Pound's pages.
  7. Regular polygons represent matter in its coldest state, whereas it is usually more energetic in plastic, viscous, liquid, gaseous and volatile forms in which particles readily inflect, deflect and jostle one another.
  8. Roger McGough's bathroom is not a favourite or particularly inspiring place, but a functional, family-cum-laundry room, in which a washing machine, assorted plastic potties, a tumble-dryer and a pink inflatable dolphin jostle for space.
  9. Around the harbour, fishermen's tavernas still jostle side by side with the newer cafs and bars which have sprung up to cater for the younger market, and the main daytime activity seems to be relaxing over a quiet glass of something while watching the boats chug in and out.
  10. In Scotland they are particularly weighted towards ancient titles and service ranks - only two unadorned names jostle among the thirty-one earls, baronets and colonels.
  11. A bathe in a spanking-clean river, roly-poly down the grassy knolls, finish up your bottle of Spanish water and jostle at the chip shop on your way home.
  12. It was in these smaller and older streets that urban life existed in all its jostle and bustle.
  13. As he put his foot on the doorstep, a young man seemed to jostle him - it was young McCulloch from Weem, the sulky handsome lad with the curly head - why had he come hanging about here instead of hearing his own man preach in Weem?

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