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Перевод: jot speek jot

йота ; ничтожное количество;
кратко записать; бегло набросать


  1. Finally, the twenty-four hours of detention do not have to have produced one jot of evidence to justify their continuation; it is enough that the police want to obtain such evidence by further questioning.
  2. Jot your entries on a postcard please, addressed to
  3. It was easy enough to find Victorian and Edwardian houses which had not been changed a jot, but with houses of earlier periods it became increasingly difficult.
  4. Not a jot.
  5. The process happens a precise number of days after flowering, and, if this has not occurred or been finished when the fruit is harvested, it will not ripen a jot more, whatever a street vendor swears.
  6. To say that Miranda on the island and Rosalind in the forest "correspond to the soul of the ducal crown which cannot remain with the illegal usurper, but must live in exile with the rightful ruler" uses queer and difficult language without helping matters one jot.
  7. "Cricket", remarked Pelham Warner sternly, "is not a circus, and it would be far better that it should be driven back to the village green than yield a jot to the petulant demands of the spectator."
  8. For none of its analysis, none of its prescriptions will matter a jot unless the government can be persuaded to take notice.
  9. All the television flummery - lights, sets, graphics, music and the rest - doesn't matter a jot if the questions are feeble and the answers are, as in a cookery demonstration, clearly prepared earlier.
  10. The TUC cheered Arthur Scargill as he said the law should be defied if one jot of trades union legislation were changed.
  11. So I dived out of bed to jot it down right
  12. (You'll need to jot things down in rough first, before you enter totals on the slip.)
  13. When you next write to me, please try to jot down some details about yourself which might assist me to help you.

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