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Перевод: joule speek joule



  1. It is the joule and it has the symbol J.
  2. The same was true of James Joule's experiment in which water was warmed quantitatively by stirring it in special apparatus: a definite quantity of mechanical force in the clockwork produced a definite quantity of heat-but the context of this was argument about the nature of heat, and Joule seemed to have proved that it was motion of particles rather than a substance.
  3. IN framing controversial proposals for a US energy tax, President Clinton gave a new lease of life to the British thermal unit, which the UK has abandoned in favour the joule based on the metric standards adopted in Europe.
  4. We used the standard in-line four-probe contact configuration and kept the d.c. probing current small (10-;100A) to minimize Joule heating effects.
  5. The 400 joule answer is correct if the load is moved from floor to floor, or the man always holds the load and moves from floor to floor.

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