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газета ; журнал ; дневник ; ведомости ; цапфа ; шейка вала


  1. 10 October, 1979 STEPHEN SPENDER, teaching in Lynchburg, Virginia, writes in his journal: "My class, which I took last night, seems irremediable.
  2. Their motives were later explained by the editor of the Derry Journal :
  3. In Scotland the Scottish Athletic Journal was started in 1882 coming out on Fridays for 2d. and was soon selling 20 "000 copies.
  4. Any manuscript submitted to a scientific journal, or any proposal sent to a granting institution, is subject to close scrutiny.
  5. Unqualified appeals have already been published in Television (journal of the Royal Television Society), Image Technology , (journal of the BKSTS), Nature and the AES Journal.
  6. Just as journal serialization affected the chapter formation and the structure of the nineteenth-century novelistic, so also the expectation of the break, mediated by the specific form of attention which audiences are believed to give to television, produces a mutation within the novelistic towards segmented narration.
  7. In its early days in Berners Street the Institute was not recognized by Industry and Commerce, as Sir Kenneth Cork recalled in his Foreword to the Golden Jubilee issue of the Journal of the Institute of Credit Management (which it had become in 1989), of which he was President.
  8. The Press Journal carried an advertisement over half a century ago which read "Wanted: Housemaid able to strip".
  9. According to recent figures published in ERT (the journal of the electrical trade), a family of four using a dishwasher will have 30 kWh of electricity in a year.
  10. The Fellowship had George Bell as president and I was its chairman, but the work was done by Hartwell as honorary secretary and joint editor for the movement's journal, The Bridge.
  11. In December 1859 the editorial of a leading scientific journal concluded its survey of scientific achievements with the statement: "No significant piece of research or outstanding discovery happened this year."
  12. M KIRCHNER (Reno Gazette Journal)
  13. Lynda Moss, editor of the RSC's journal Methods in Organic Synthesis , said that it does not often crop up in published syntheses, though it is sometimes used as a source of in reactions as well as being a solvent.

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