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журналистика ; профессия журналиста


  1. Lucy O'Brien's Pop Pastiche and the New Generation comprehensively traces the growth of pop music in an effort to explain current trends in revivalism, and offers a welcome female voice in the otherwise male dominated arena of music journalism.
  2. In Argentina, according to Naipaul's journalism, such an act belongs to the fantasies of machismo: here, at the end of the world, and of Ahmed's tether, it bears the mark of defeat.
  3. The All the Year Round Christmas Number for 1865, "Mugby Junction" ( CS 19), which includes the ghost story of "The Signalman", has for its setting a great railway junction in the Midlands (Rugby), and CD's journalism contains many references to railways, e.g. "A Flight" ( RP ), which vividly evokes the journey from London to Paris by train and boat.
  4. This is serious and healthy journalism
  5. Recent placements have been in journalism, the broadcasting media, and with publishers.
  6. As a journalist himself, Hetherington (1985) emphasizes the role of editors as well as proprietors and defends their "honest journalism" and willingness to resist both proprietorial and government pressure.
  7. But while it was still a live issue, it was amusing to see how ready people were to accept Steele's defence that it was through the machination of such a crusted establishment figure as Avrion Mitchison that Steele had been invited to repeat his work in a scientific environment for the purpose of discrediting it - a defence that compounds bad science together with bad scientific journalism.
  8. The law was passed in the face of strong objections from southern deputies, echoing the view of one senior journalist earlier this month, that "the law created more difficulties for editors, their rights will be limited and that means journalism in general will be limited."
  9. Graduates from this course enter the communications industry, journalism, radio and television, as well as a range of professions in education, the arts and business.
  10. It was one of the few times that the pulp glossy pop press produced journalism worth reading.
  11. C ONGRATULATIONS to Andreas Whittam-Smith, Editor of the Independent who has been named Arts Journalist of the Year in the BP Arts Journalism awards for his newspaper's coverage of the Pop Art Show at the Royal Academy.
  12. Vadim Medvedev: "His grossly sententious remarks and stale vocabulary that reeked of hack journalism were unbearable."
  13. "I very quickly became obsessed by music papers and pop journalism, and collected them ravenously."

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